Some good news to brighten the day...

Saturday afternoon by First Baptist Church on King Street, Hertford Town Council was providing lunches prepared by McDonalds and Captain Bob’s to ensure not only that people had a hot meal, but to support our local businesses.

Helping one another out – that’s what Hertford and Perquimans County are all about because these are the kinds of stories people want to read; that folks are working together to provide a ray of hope in these trying times.

“The Coronavirus is affecting us all in one way or another,” Mayor Earnell Brown said. “It is giving us time to to be alert, safe, reflect, be kind to ourselves and others. It is bringing the township together, causing us to break down barriers with acts of kindness and open communications. Grateful we have no infected citizens in Hertford, the Town Council wants to proactively reach out and let our citizens know that we care about their continued well-being. We are actively identifying ways to help our neighbors and loved ones.”

Check out the video posted to the Perquimans Weekly’s Facebook page – that’s Mayor Brown handing out meals. Later, that’s Councilman Frank Norman helping to direct meal flow. Working together, these dedicated public servants delivered 395 meals and 200 Happy Meals in 48 minutes.

“The meals distribution and home bound senior initiatives are the first of what we hope to be continued efforts of outreach,” Brown said. “We would like to thank Captain Bob’s, McDonalds for the meals and our Police Department, Town Council and Manager, their family members, Judy Bateman, Arlene Yates and all who gave their time and hard work to make Saturday a success. I would also like to thank the volunteers who will be reaching out to our home bound senior citizens to ensure they are informed and okay. We are all in this battle together. I believe with a strong Faith in God and Unity in the Community – we will overcome COVID-19!”

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