Camden County Board of Commissioners Chairman Tom White (center) and Commissioner Randy Krainiak (left) are joined by Dr. Bradley Isbister (right) and others from Chesapeake Regional Health in cutting the ribbon at Chesapeake Regional Primary Care in Camden, Thursday.

CAMDEN — Chesapeake Regional Primary Care welcomed local business leaders and members of the community to its new facility in Camden on Thursday.

Dr. Bradley Isbister has been at the clinic about three weeks, allowing the facility to be open five days a week. Hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

A physician assistant, Elisa Carter, is at the clinic four days a week.

The clinic opened in November for just a couple of days a week.

Christine Hustedt, director of operations for Chesapeake Regional Medical Group, said the Camden clinic has been averaging 12 patients a day and can accommodate up to 40 a day, so there is room for growth and new patients.

Annalisa Morgan, chairwoman of the Elizabeth City Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, welcomed Chesapeake Regional to Camden.

“We look forward to a great future with you,” Morgan said.

Camden County Manager Ken Bowman said he was grateful to have the primary care facility open in Camden. When he arrived as county manager the primary clinic was still “a dream,” he said.

Camden Board of Commissioners Chairman Tom White said he, too, was glad to welcome Chesapeake Regional Primary Care to Camden County.

“We are so excited to have you here,” White said.

The clinic will be convenient for Camden residents but also for people who live in neighboring counties, White said.

“Thank you for coming to Camden County,” White said to the Chesapeake Regional officials gathered at Thursday’s event.

County Commissioner Garry Meiggs said that over the years there have been doctors in South Mills, the Courthouse area of Camden, and Shiloh. But there hadn’t been a medical office in Camden in a decade or more until Chesapeake Regional Primary Care opened, he said.

“It’s been right at 10 or so years since we’ve had a health care provider here in the county,” Meiggs said.

Meiggs said he hopes Chesapeake Regional Primary Care does well.

Amber Egyud, chief operations office and chief nursing officer for Chesapeake Regional Health. said the regional health system is glad to be in the Camden community.

“We are happy to serve the residents of this area,” Egyud said.

Dr. Raymond McCue, chief clinical officer for Chesapeake Regional Health, said he appreciates the trust and confidence that Camden residents have placed in Chesapeake Regional.