garbage truck destroyed

The ruins of Elizabeth City’s new $55,000 Ford F-550 dump truck are shown at the landfill Thursday after it caught fire and was consumed by fire. An O-ring failure spilling hydraulic fluid onto the muffler is being blamed for the blaze.

Elizabeth City is again shopping for a new dump truck after the city’s brand new $55,000 vehicle dumped its final load last week.

While at the landfill Thursday, the Ford F-550 dump truck caught fire and was totally destroyed. City Manager Rich Olson said an O-ring failure spilled hydraulic fluid onto the muffler causing a fire that consumed the new vehicle.

The truck was approved in the city’s 2019-20 budget and the city took possession of it on April 8.

The city has filed an insurance claim with the N.C. League of Municipalities, which will send an adjuster to Elizabeth City to inspect what’s left of the vehicle.

Olson also said city staff has contacted Piedmont Truck, the company the truck was purchased from, to “put them on notice.”

“This truck is a critical part of the public works fleet because of its dumping capabilities,” Olson said in his weekly memo to city council and the mayor. “I have instructed Public Works to order a replacement truck at this time. The lead time on these types of trucks can be more than six months. Once we receive the insurance check, staff will be bringing a budget amendment forward for council consideration.”