College of The Albemarle plans to decrease fees in a number of courses, increases fees in a few and add new fees for several courses in the 2020-21 academic year.

The Finance Committee of the COA Board of Trustees unanimously approved the new fee schedule at its meeting Tuesday morning, which was held by conference call because of public health-related social distancing measures.

The fee schedule will be forwarded to the full trustee board for its consideration before becoming official college policy.

Fees cover materials used in projects and activities for courses with labs or shops, and reflect the cost of those materials.

In other instances a fee is increased, or a new fee is established, because new or different items are needed for the course.

For example, the business management course is adding Capstone simulation, a strategic business solutions simulation software, and the fee for that will be $50.

A number of fees in labs and courses also decreased this year. Many of the decreases are for computer courses.

Fees for the Introduction to Computers and Basic PC Literacy courses are dropping from $15 to $5, and the fee for Introduction to Programming and Logic is decreasing from $10 to $5.

Fees in C++ Programming, Visual BASIC Programming, JAVA Programming, Advanced C++ Programming, Advanced Visual BASIC Programming and Advanced JAVA Programming are all decreasing from $15 to $5.

Slighter decreases from $15 to $10 are being implemented in Web Programming and Data Base Foundation, Network and Security Foundations, Spreadsheet, Linux/UNIX Single User, Windows Administration I and Windows Administration II.

Fees are decreasing from $10 to $5 in Office Editing and $15 to $5 in Advanced Word Processing.

A $10 lab fee is being added in College Physics I.

Fees in Salon I, Salon II and Salon IV are increasing from $15 to $20.

A number of math courses are adding fees because of a shift to online textbooks.

“The math department has requested fees be added to courses to allow students access to online textbooks and support materials instead of traditional hard-cover books,” said COA spokeswoman Jenna Hatfield. “This began as a pilot last fall and, to date, the students have saved over $50,000 on textbooks. The feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive, which is why more math classes are moving to this format.”

Brief Calculus, Linear Algebra and Differential Equation are all adding $75 fees to allow online textbook access.

The fee in Medical Assisting Overview is increasing from $30 to $35.

Routing Basics is increasing its fee from $15 to $25.