A Hertford County resident has died from COVID-19, the second person in the region to succumb to the novel coronavirus, the area’s health department reported Saturday.

Albemarle Regional Health Services spokeswoman Amy Underhill said in a press release the agency was notified of the patient’s death by one of its “hospital partners.” She did not name the hospital.

The Hertford County resident was older than 65 and died from complications associated with the virus, Underhill said. She did not release further details, citing ARHS’ desire to protect the privacy of the patient’s family.

“It is with deep regret that we make this announcement and our hearts go out to the family and friends of the individual,” ARHS Director Battle Betts Jr. said in the release. “We recognize that this is a difficult time; we are facing a historic public health challenge, but let us remain vigilant in the daily steps to keep us all safe, especially handwashing, sanitation, and social distancing.”

ARHS also reported Saturday that a second case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Perquimans County, and that eighth and seventh cases have been confirmed in Pasquotank and Bertie counties, respectively. A Bertie resident became the region’s first COVID-19-related death on Thursday.

The new cases in Pasquotank, Bertie and Perquimans raise the number of COVID-19 cases in the region to 25. Also reporting cases are Hertford, which prior to Saturday’s announced death had four; Currituck which has two; Gates, which has one; and Chowan, which has one.

The Dare County Division of Public Health also announced the fourth positive test result for COVID-19 in that county on Saturday.

“The individual is currently receiving care at a hospital outside of Dare County,” Dr. Sheila Davies, director of the Dare County Department of Health & Human Services, said in a press release.

It is not known how the Dare resident acquired the virus, Davies said. The Dare health department is investigating and anyone determined to have had contact with the individual will be notified, she said.

According to the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services’ website, there are now 2,402 cases of coronavirus in North Carolina, 24 of which have resulted in death.

DHHS’ most-recent data show persons 25-49 continue to make up the largest group of COVID-19 patients: 42 percent. Those ages 50-64 make up the second-largest group: 28 percent. Those 65 and older make up 20 percent, while those ages 18-24 make up 9 percent. Persons 17 and younger are only 1 percent of cases.

More women than men are contracting COVID-19 — 51 percent versus 48 percent — while more men than women have died from the disease — 67 percent versus 33 percent.

Persons 65 and older continue to make up the overwhelming number of COVID-19 deaths: 78 percent. Thirteen percent of the deaths have been by persons 50-64, while 8 percent of deaths have been those ages 25-49.

Citing the fewer number of cases, Underhill said Friday that ARHS will not release similar demographic data on COVID-19 cases in the region. Doing so “would be considered identifiable indicators,” she said.

Two-hundred seventy-one COVID-19 patients are being treated in state hospitals and the state has now completed a total of 38,773 tests for the disease. The virus has spread to all but 12 counties in the state. Two of those counties without any cases are Camden and Tyrrell.