moyock farmers market

Moyock Farm Market co-owner Jamie Pittman weighs produce on Saturday morning. The market saw a steady stream of customers Friday through Sunday and will reopen again on Friday.

MOYOCK — Joe and Fvalen Alafkey came to Moyock Saturday morning to do some shopping.

But instead of stopping at Moyock’s only grocery store, the Currituck couple drove past it and went straight to the Moyock Farm Market on Caratoke Highway.

The couple didn’t face any empty shelves and they even had time to talk with owners Jon and Jamie Pittman as they checked out at the register.

For the Pittmans, it was a welcomed lull on what was otherwise a very busy morning of selling milk, eggs, bread, whole chickens, fish, hamburger meat, steaks and of course a wide selection of fruits and vegetables as people stock up during the COVID-19 crisis.

“We are staying busy,” Jon Pittman said.

Busy was also the word of the day at Meadstown Produce on Meadstown Road in Elizabeth City.

Kristen Lunsford said the business has seen a steady flow of customers in recent days. Meadstown sells a wide variety of meat, including steaks, hamburger meat, deli meats and cheeses and chicken as well some produce and dairy products. The business sold almost 100 dozen of eggs during one three-day stretch last week.

“We have sold a lot of pork chops, sausage and chicken,” Lunsford said. “We don’t normally carry chicken but we decided to carry it because nobody can find any. Hamburger meat, it is like gold around here.”

The Moyock Farm Market is usually only open on Saturdays this time of year but the Pittmans decided to open Friday and Sunday as well because of the COVID-19 outbreak, and they will reopen again on Friday for another three-day weekend. The farm market plans to open daily beginning April 9.

“We have a source to get food and we only have one grocery store here,” Jamie Pittman said. “So, people in our area can come in and get what they need.”

Despite opening for two additional days, the Moyock Farm Market was well-stocked. Since opening Friday, the Pittmans had sold more than 140 dozen eggs as of noon Saturday and they still had more in stock. The market was also still well stocked with other items.

“We have sold a lot of eggs, whole chickens and hamburger meat has been popular,” Jamie Pittman said. “We don’t generally carry bread but we were able to find someone to bring it to us, and that worked out well.”

And there was also ice cream, locally produced honey and several varieties of cider in stock. Jon Pittman said he sends a truck 250 miles to Homestead Creamery in Wirtz, Virginia, to pick up ice cream.

Jon said he expects the market will be able to keep its shelves well stocked in the coming weeks.

“We are well stocked and I think we will continue to be well stocked,” Jon said. “I have six different suppliers. The bread is delivered and eggs are delivered from Ahoskie. We go to South Carolina to pick up Florida produce and we do have a couple of Florida (produce) trucks that will come here. We have three refrigerated trucks that we can use.”

Meadstown was out of some items Saturday afternoon, including eggs and hamburger meat, but Lunsford expects to keep getting restock.

“We get it in, but we run out of some items quickly,” Lunsford said. “But as far as getting it from our meat company, we haven’t had any issues.”