pasquotank logo

Pasquotank County has settled on the above design for its new logo, which the county plans to use on everything from county vehicles and signs for county offices to uniforms, stationary and business cards.

Pasquotank County is about to get a new identity.

After using the county seal as Pasquotank’s logo for as long as anyone can remember, county commissioners approved a new logo for the county Monday night.

The new abstract and contemporary-looking logo includes several key elements illustrative of the county, including the Pasquotank River, the city’s waterfront and boating, farmland and its three institutions of higher learning.

“As far as branding or a logo, the county has never had one,” said County Manager Sparty Hammett. “We have the county seal but we never had a brand or a logo. You need to have something that represents the county as a whole and that is easily recognizable. It is distinct and you know it is Pasquotank County.”

Visit Elizabeth City Executive Director Corrina Ruffieux was on the nine-person committee that worked on the new branding effort. She said she’s pleased with the new logo, saying it aligns with what the county has to offer.

“A logo is a visual representation of your brand and that is important,” Ruffieux said. “We are looking to promote the community as a great place to live, a great place to work, a great place to relocate your business to.”

Ruffieux said the committee took its time during the process to “fine tune” the important focal points that are needed in an effective logo.

“It’s always a challenge because everybody wants a little bit of everything but they are never effective that way,” Ruffieux said. “We brainstormed to come up with the most important elements while coming up with the feeling of (the logo) being more modern and forward-looking.”

The county seal will continue to be used on all official documents but the new logo will eventually be used on all county vehicles, signs for county offices, uniforms and stationary and business cards.

Hammett is in the process of gathering cost estimates for implementing the new branding strategy and said the money could come from existing funds that are in the current fiscal year’s budget.

“We had money set aside for travel but because of COVID we have done very little travel,” Hammett said.

Commissioners allocated $16,000 in the 2019-20 fiscal budget to design the new logo and county hired Bizzell Design in May 2020 to perform the work.

Hammett said his research showed that cities and counties on average spent around $50,000 for branding studies and that Raleigh recently spent $226,000 for the design of its new logo.

“It was a very detailed process,” Hammett said of designing the new logo.