The Pasquotank Sheriff’s Office seized seven horses from a farm facility nearly two weeks ago after they were found in a condition that required their removal, the sheriff says.

Sheriff Tommy Wooten said the horses have multiple owners and were kept at a facility in the 2700 block of Peartree Road before being seized by deputies on Nov. 18.

He said a citizen alerted the sheriff’s office that the animals were being kept in a poor condition.

All seven horses were transferred to the custody of Right Way Rescue, a local animal rescue agency, according to Wooten. He said an equine specialist was brought in to evaluate the horses.

Wooten said no charges were filed against the horses’ owners. One owner said the horses were returned to their care a few days later on Thursday, Nov. 21.

“We feel confident that we will soon be able to return the horses upon completion of contract treatment plans,” he said.

Wooten described the plans as signed agreements between the horse owners, the sheriff’s office and a veterinarian that the horse owners will ensure the animals receive routine health inspections.

Wooten said his office is still investigating the incident.