takeout meal

Carolyn Story is shown with a takeout meal outside the Firehouse Subs restaurant in Elizabeth City, Tuesday, March 17.

Local restaurants are making the best of difficult times as they switch to takeout-only or takeout-and-delivery models under a statewide stay-at-home order.

Brittany Jones, co-owner of Barley Pizza, said people are still ordering food to pick up but it’s not as busy as when people could dine out at the restaurant.

“It’s all right,” Jones said. “Things have slowed down a bit but we’re still moving forward.”

She said the business is seeing a mix of regulars and new customers.

“I’ve actually gotten a lot of new customers,” Jones said. “I see my regular customers too but I also have seen a lot of new faces.”

Jones said it may take a while for people to get back to work and resume their normal lifestyles, but she believes that once things begin to return to normal she will see people coming back to eat at the restaurant.

Thomas Jones, owner and operator of the Circle II restaurant, said having to temporarily discontinue sit-down dining and transition to curbside pickup had been a challenge but he appreciates the support from customers.

“I say it’s not what I wanted but it’s better than I expected,” Jones said Friday afternoon, adding that the day had been “crazy busy.”

“My loyal customers have definitely stuck with me,” Jones said.

And he said he believes those customers will be back in the dining room once he’s able to resume table service.

“They keep telling me they can’t wait to come back and have a good sit-down meal,” Jones said.

The following is a list compiled by Visit Elizabeth City of area restaurants in the Elizabeth City area that are still open, what services they are offering and their phone number.

• 252 Grill: Curbside pickup, 252-436-4755

• Andy’s Pancake and Steakhouse: Curbside pickup, 252-335-4700

• Barley Pizza: Curbside pickup and drive-through, 252-562-6879

• Belcross Bake Shoppe: takeout and curbside pickup, 252-338-1286

• Big Boss Burritos: Curbside pickup, 252-202-7155

• Big Daddy’s: Drive-through, call ahead only, 252-338-5591

• Bojangles: Drive-through

• Burger King: Drive-through

• Captain D’s: Drive-through

• Carolina Hydrogreens: Curbside pickup

• Chick-fil-A: Drive-through

• Circle II Restaurant: Curbside pickup, 252-338-3060

• City Grille: Curbside pickup, 252-333-1213

• Coinjock Marina: Curbside pickup, 252-453-3271

• Colonial Café: Takeout orders, 252-562-6541

• Cookout: Drive-through

• Culpepper Inn: Weekly takeout breakfast, 252-335-9235

• Currituck BBQ: Curbside pickup, 252-453-6618

• Dairy Queen: Drive-through

• Dunkin’ Donuts: Drive-through

• Famous Franks Hot Dogs: Takeout orders, 252-337-7202

• Firehouse Subs: Curbside pickup orders only

• Flour Girls Cafe & Bakery: Curbside pickup, 252-331-2230

• Frog Island Seafood: Curbside pickup, 252-453-2879

• Ghost Harbor Brewing Company: To-go growlers and cans

• Groupers Restaurant: Limited to-go menu, 252-331-2431

• Happy Taco, curbside pickup, 252-267-2530

• Hardee’s: Drive-through

• Homestyle: Curbside pickup, 252-679-7004

• Hoppin’ Johnz New South Cuisine: Takeout orders only, 252-679-7716

• Hwy 55: Curbside pickup, 252-333-1010

• IHOP: Takeout orders

• Island Breeze Grill: Curbside pickup and delivery, 252-338-0048

• Itza Boutza Pizza: No-contact glove delivery and curbside pickup. Contact 252-338-5660 or 252-331-7989

• Kathy’s Kreations: Takeout and curbside pickup, 252-331-1888

• La Michoacana Jalisco: Takeout and curbside pickup, 252-621-1035. Homemade ice cream deliveries!

• La Tiendita: Curbside pickup and delivery within 10 miles, 252-338-5376

• McDonalds: Drive-through

• Mills Downtown Bistro: Curbside pickup, 252-621-1471

• Montero’s: To-go orders, curbside pickup, 252-331-1067

• Muddy Waters: Curbside pickup, 252-338-2739

• Newland Grill: Curbside pickup and delivery, 252-771-0419

• Nicholson House: Curbside pickup, 252-297-2400

• Panera Bread: Drive-through

• Paradiso Roma Ristorante: Takeout and curbside pickup, 252-333-1575

• Pineapple Cafe: Curbside pickup, 252-337-9933

• Plaza Azteca: Curbside pickup, 252-384-0159

• Popeyes: Drive-through

• Quality Seafood: Drive-through and takeout: 252-335-7648

• Ruby Tuesday: Curbside pickup, 252-331-1521

• Sonic: Drive-through

• Southern Maid Donuts: Curbside pickup and drive-through, 252-338-5599

• Starbucks: Drive-through

• Taco Bell: Drive-through

• Taylor’s Oak: Curbside pickup, 252-336-2301

• The Barbecue Barn: Takeout and drive-through 252-335-9435

• The Circle II: Curbside pickup, 252-338-3060

• The Grill: Curbside pickup and delivery, 252-331-2689

• The Kitchen: Curbside pickup, 252-333-7929

• The Sandwich Market: Drive-through and to-go orders

• The Villa: Curbside pickup, 252-338-6209

• Tommy’s Pizza: Curbside pickup and drive-through, 252-426-3434

• Tony’s Italian Restaurant and Pizza: Curbside pickup, 252-338-5757

• Toyama Japanese Restaurant: Curbside pickup, 252-338-2437

• Track 1: Curbside pickup, 252-338-0081

• Uncle Chuck’s Soul Food Cafe: 252-562-6589

• Van’s Pizza House: Takeout and delivery: 252-335-0150

• Volcano: Curbside pickup, 252-335-9899

• Wendy’s: Drive-through

• Zaxby’s: Drive-through.