The editors of The Daily Reflector pay for columnists opinions on the opinion page.

Your July 16 edition includes columnist Rachel Marsden’s article about French vaccine policy that includes several statements that are COVID 19 misinformation and are deadly to accept.

While addressing the French situation she states, “If the vulnerable and those with pre-existing conditions most likely to land them in the hospital with COVID are now protected, then why force a medical procedure onto healthy people?”

She is correct that many “vulnerable” people are now vaccine protected. The Delta variant however is now infecting and killing a much younger healthy population including young children. Check the data on Missouri and Arkansas spikes in hospitalization and deaths recently in the unvaccinated population.

We are losing more than 300 people a day nationally to COVID deaths, the equivalent of one plane crash a day. That would ordinarily be unacceptable and outrageous, but its acceptable to this author.

Encouraging vaccination in the healthy population is our only way out of continued and worsening death rates like this. Pitt County’s vaccination rate is 40 percent. The Delta variant will find us sooner or later.

While the author is entitled to her own opinion, why would you fund a columnist who is spreading COVID misinformation and give her space on your opinion page with its potentially deadly consequences.

Your newspaper banner states “ Truth in Preference to Fiction”

Time to make a choice.

Ken Steinweg, M.D.


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