Donald Trump revealed at his recent Iowa rally why he continues to throw out the Big Lie, even though he knows he did not win the election: it’s because that’s the line that brings him the biggest applause. It’s ego juice, says CNN’s Jim Acosta. Trump wants to hold onto his power with Republicans, so he keeps stirring the pot. In the process, he’s doing lasting damage to the Republican Party.

Trump won’t run again. He lost the popular vote in two elections, and his ego won’t allow him to get defeated again. Aside from that, there are multiple risks associated with holding office again — not the least of which is the light it shines on his business dealings and the true state of his finances. Trump wants to present himself as very rich and very successful and that he has a very big brain. But those who have researched his business record reveal just the opposite: he is a failed businessman who has bankrupted businesses over and over because he is a very poor manager. Who loses money on a casino? Only Donald Trump.

The only bank that would lend him money in recent years is Deutsche Bank, but they have now cut him off. Without new loans to pay off old loans, Trump is in real financial trouble. He’s trying to sell the money-losing Trump hotel in the Old Post Office in D.C., but there are no takers. The Trump name is being removed from buildings from Toronto to Panama. Forbes says Trump’s net worth has dropped by $1.6 billion.

More damning to his chances to assume the presidency again is the fact that he has committed so many criminal acts — everything from interfering in elections (a felony) to campaign finance violations and misrepresenting his financials to banks and lenders (also felonies).

Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election were criminal, and clear violations of federal law. While the Constitution does not set out particular punishments for offenders, it clearly says that any person who participated in an insurrection or gave aid and comfort to insurrectionists is disqualified from holding any future state or federal office (Article 14, Section 3). That does it for our disgraced former president. We will not have to suffer under him again. But the damage he and his pals did while he was in office continues to wreak havoc.

Mark Meadows, Jeffrey Clark, Steve Bannon, Steve Scalise and multiple other Trump enablers were subpoenaed to appear before the Jan. 6 commission. If they follow Trump’s instruction not to appear, the commission will file criminal charges of contempt of Congress against each of them.

Susan Glasser, reporting in her latest “Letter from Biden’s Washington,” published by The New Yorker, says the Trump presidency is “an active crime scene and an ongoing threat.” His Republican losers down ticket are following his lead and refusing to accept that they lost. Laura Loomer, running in Florida against incumbent Lois Frankel, lost by 79,000 votes — 20%, but she refuses to concede.

Meaghan Ellis, writing for Raw Story, says the “crazies” have taken over the state of Florida with Gov. Ron DeSantis announcing a multi-million-dollar fine for employers who enforce a vaccine mandate. Then there’s Texas, where Gov. Greg Abbott and the Republican Texas legislature have enacted a draconian abortion law, in addition to voting restrictions and vaccine mandate bans.

In Nevada, pro-Trumpers are creating chaos with a power grab in the state Republican Party, causing several Republican officials to step down because money needed by down-state candidates is instead being used by Pro-Trump activists who have charged that GOP organizations have failed to investigate the twice-impeached one-term former president’s lies about voter fraud.

Meanwhile, Trump told rally goers he would prefer Democratic activist Stacey Abrams for governor instead of Republican Gov. Brian Kemp because Kemp refused to overturn the state’s vote for Biden. “The vote was counted three times in Georgia,” said NBC Today Show co-host Willie Geist, “and Biden won every time.” Then Trump threatened that he would tell his supporters not to vote in the 2022 midterm elections, unless “something is done” about the 2020 election.

Looking at these bizarre comments, it’s clear that Trump isn’t going to run again, but he is poisoning the well for other GOP candidates. Trump rarely has an interest beyond his own ego and drawing attention to himself. As Alice Roosevelt Longworth said about her father, “He wants to be the corpse at every funeral, the bride at every wedding and the baby at every christening.”

Martha Johnson is an Elizabeth City resident.