Holly Audette’s recent column about The Salvation Army was excellent.

For some time now there has been a very real ongoing war waged against Christianity here in America. If anyone doubts this is actually happening I challenge them to look at the actions of the American Civil Liberties Union, the American atheists, and the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

This current battle The Salvation Army and other Christian organizations are going through is just a continuation of a hateful campaign to transform this country into something entirely different from what the founding fathers envisioned.

The Salvation Army helps all people regardless of their “persuasion.” To further make my point I refer to the Apostle Paul. He was a tentmaker. There is no doubt in my mind he made fine quality tents and he sold them to all kinds of people within the Roman Empire regardless of their “persuasion.”

This country was founded on the principles of Christianity as found in the Bible. It is the reason God has blessed America like no other nation and it is also the reason we are free.

The biggest problem for those who would love to sweep away this historical fact is every time they try their boot hits a solid rock. Guess what wins?

Ray Clarke Sr.

Elizabeth City