History will record this past weekend as the turning point against the Biden administration’s COVID tyranny, as millions of doctors, nurses, pilots, truckers, and healthy Americans said “enough.”

For our liberal friends still decrying the millions of Americans refusing to abide by the dictatorial Biden vaccine mandate, why do you conveniently forget Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and countless other Democratic politicians once said they would not take the COVID-19 vaccine because it was “Trump’s vaccine?” What changed?

What happened to your favorite mantra when defending your right to kill innocent babies with “My body, my choice?” Doesn’t that apply to the vaccine? Why are last year’s heroes in the medical community and first responders now today’s despicable “anti-vaxxers?”

Why should any American be forced to take an exploratory vaccine when they don’t want or need to based on the side effects, including endocarditis in children?

Notice how the media and Democrats never talk about obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle being contributors to COVID deaths and hospitalizations? Why don’t these so-called “experts” talk about diet, exercise, and healthy living?

Whatever happened to the common flu? Do you know a single person in the last two years to get the flu? I don’t. I guess it’s extinct. COVID-19 is 10% science, 75% propaganda and 15% sheep following a false shepherd. Those statistics are far more believable than any COVID statistic from the experts.

Have you not seen the countless pictures of Biden, Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and other Democratic politicians gathering in groups without masks, only to put them on when they see cameras? Getting COVID vaccine advice from Anthony Fauci, the Democrats and media is like getting marriage advice from O.J. Simpson.

To them, the only people being hospitalized are the unvaccinated, but they have to fire all of the unvaccinated doctors and nurses to protect them from the unvaccinated. Isn’t tyranny fun?



Editor’s note: According to Politifact, then presidential candidate Joe Biden and then vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris did not raise questions about the vaccines themselves, but about then-President Donald Trump’s rollout of the vaccines and whether the effort would become rushed or politicized. On the matter of vaccines being a risk to children, the American Heart Association said the following: “The possible link between some COVID-19 vaccines and heart inflammation bears close monitoring, but it’s no reason for parents or their teenage children to avoid vaccination.” As for the flu, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says only 2,038 flu cases were reported during the flu season from Sept. 27, 2020 to April 24, 2021, mainly because of mask wearing and social distancing measures. The CDC estimated about 38 million people were sick with the flu during the 2019-20 season.