I'd like to thank a recent letter-writer for her excellent letter to the editor. How true her words are in reference to building a new school for our “leaders of tomorrow.”

A new administrative building would be nice if it was affordable for Camden County, but our schools need the most up-to-date technology to meet higher education standards. When a new school is built we can then use the old school for administrative offices and the county library.

Are we now using our current county department spaces to meet their fullest need for citizens?

Citizens have concerns and questions about a new county complex and other issues. As taxpayers and citizens of Camden County, it is our responsibility to educate ourselves, stay informed on topics and decisions made by our county commissioners, and voice our opinions on interested topics. We also need to attend any meetings concerning our county and its future decisions.

It is our responsibility to stay abreast of what's happening in our county. So let’s work together for what is best for our county and let our county commissioners and county department directors hear our concerns.

Penny Leary Smith