Lawlessness, rioting, looting, arson, mobs tearing down public monuments, destruction of businesses, destruction of public property and murder occurred all summer long for weeks on end in cities across this country. Police departments were attacked and burned down. An area in one city was occupied for months, labeled as an autonomous zone, condoned and permitted by the Democratic-run city administration.

During this time the main street media and Democrats dismissed this violent activity, labeling it as “peaceful demonstrations.” In some cases, Democratic government officials participated in lawless activities. All during this time the Democratic officials around the country, including members of Congress, sat back and let it happen, in some cases promoting it, condoning it and failing to deal with it.

The Democrats and main street media praised Black Lives Matter and antifa as peaceful demonstrators as buildings and cars burned behind the CNN reporters. Democrats sat back and let all of this happen in order to divide the country in an effort to hurt President Trump.

Now, for only one single day, some of this lawless activity came to the place of business where the members of Congress work and now it is finally recognized for what it is. Oh my, what a revelation!

President-elect Joe Biden promises to unite the country while his fellow Democrats plan to invoke the 25th Amendment or impeach President Donald Trump, insulting half of the citizens of this country. Do you feel united?

How much more dishonest and hypocritical can they get?



COVID vaccination clinic operated very efficiently

On Wednesday, Jan. 6, Nancy and I finally got our COVID vaccine shots behind College of The Albemarle. It took us three hours of waiting to get the shot.

During this three-hour wait, we witnessed some of the most efficient organization we have ever seen in this area. The police and health care workers were excellent!

Our first hour, starting at Knobbs Creek Bridge, was very slow. The police finally realized that people were butting in line through the Sentara Albemarle Medical Center parking lot. When they put a stop to that, the line started moving.

I’d like to thank the police, nurses and volunteers.


Elizabeth City