The Army of Orange is a group of individuals that advocates for deer dog hunting. They have a blog where they have been trashing my name and suggesting someone should harm me. They are saying that I am anti-hunting.

They are wrong. Like most that do not hunt, I have no strong feelings about the right to hunt. I and other landowners only want hunters to be safe and ethical. Ethical means that you respect the landowner and have permission before turning dogs loose.

By trashing someone without justification on social media, this “Army” of Orange becomes its own worst enemy. Indeed, the group's name is also a poor choice. Coalition, fellowship, or alliance are terms for peaceful groups. Using “army” denotes a group that wants to intimidate or harm. I suggest that if the group wants to run dogs, it do it on land its members either own or have permission to hunt. Without permission they are harassing and trespassing. Both are against the law.

Dog hunters need large tracts of land to run dogs. Most large tracts are owned by farmers. When have any of these hunters told a farmer they would help repair paths or fences or offer monetary payment for the privilege of using the farmer’s land? I know of no dog hunter in Pasquotank County that has done that. They hunt by intimidation.

If this “army” continues to make poor choices, landowners will work for laws that will end deer dog hunting. If you hunt safely and with respect for landowners and social norms, I wish you a good hunt.


Elizabeth City