If that’s all it takes to be on Elizabeth City City Council, then I would like to enter my husband’s name as a candidate. He is very good at sitting in his chair and fussing and fighting and making sure everyone agrees with his opinion. I feel it’s only fair and he qualifies for the council’s guidelines.

So where do I put in for him to get a 73-percent increase in his Social Security checks?



With virus upon us, print more letters urging repentance

Your edition dated May 17-18 published an Associated Press story in the Nation & World section entitled “Believers see virus as God’s message which made me wonder: Has the media awakened or what?

The story reported that almost two-thirds of Americans of all faiths feel that God is telling humanity to amend their ways or else. I’ve been a born-again believer so long I’ve mostly forgotten how non-believers think. But I’m trying.

Let me mention just a few letters to local newspapers this year about God and the coronavirus and people who have set their love on Him having nothing to fear about the virus.

Most recently on April 30, The Daily Advance printed a letter from yours truly entitled, “What does this all mean?” It was a letter of warning hinging on Psalm 91:14-16! It talks about any earnest believer who has fastened his or her love on God because we have known his name and seek to do his will. For that reason verses 15-16 apply to those who deeply love Him.

But for every letter calling for repentance, The Advance has failed to print others of a similar nature. It will, however, print the musings of the obscure individual, Lance Dejesus, in an AP story who admits to having only pithy concerns.

Wish I could close this missive on a very positive note but you have been warned and now plagues and pestilences stalk the land.

Remember Romans 10:8-13.