Who amongst us didn’t laugh when they heard that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year?” Incredible that Time magazine couldn’t see fit to name our first responders.

Meanwhile, Melania Trump, the most beautiful, classy, elegant and fashionable first lady ever can’t buy her way onto a magazine cover. Oh, the pettiness from the left.

So far, Biden has a 60% approval rating. That’s great considering his job thus far has consisted of avoiding questions from the Democratic marketing machine media and giving scripted statements off a teleprompter. It’s a pretty low bar, wouldn’t you say?

So, Barack Obama received 69 million votes and won 873 counties, Trump won 75 million votes and 2,497 counties while Biden won 81 million votes and 477 counties, but we’re not allowed to question his victory? A friend told me that he saw Bigfoot and Elvis Presley riding on the back of the Loch Ness Monster in the Currituck Sound. I told him that was still more believable than Joe Biden winning the election.

We know the left controls every major institution in America, including the mainstream media, Big Tech, education at every level, Hollywood, administrative government and pop culture. So if “institutional racism” really did exist, whose fault would that be?

To any liberal readers, my rights don’t end where your fear begins. Why do I have to stay home just because you are scared? How about you stay home; you stay in your house; you wear a mask; you socially distance yourself from me; you avoid restaurants; you avoid athletic events; you avoid stores, beaches and parks; you believe the media hype; and you get your vaccine while avoiding vitamin C, sunshine and the things God himself gave us to heal.

When will the media report honestly on the increases in bankruptcies, divorces, spousal, child and animal abuse because of these ridiculous lockdowns?