It actually happened in Raleigh. The police chief said she would not send her officers to protect private property and put themselves in harm's way. And then thieves looted three of the four Walmarts within 10 minutes of where we live.

A showstopper came when the Wake County sheriff refused to abide by the law on dealing with vicious criminals who are running wild here, and elsewhere, and turn them over to U.S. Marshals. If I'm ever stopped for any unknown reason (I've gone more than 70 years without a moving violation) I've got my plea ready: "I don't speak English." And if thrown before a questionable judge I'll fall out on the floor of the unworthy one. 

By the way, both the Raleigh police chief and the Wake County sheriff are Democrats who take their orders from the Democrats' national office in D.C. What can one expect?