My name is LaToya Parker, and I would like The Daily Advance to submit a noted correction on a letter written by Robert Powell entitled, “In encounters with police, don’t resist arrest.”

This letter concludes by stating that Andrew Brown Jr. resisted arrest, which we know today not to be true.

This newspaper is perpetuating false information.

In addition, Mr. Powell’s letter stated that if Mr. Brown had not attempted to escape, he would be alive today. This letter was written from a personal perspective, not a factual one. I am asking that a correction be submitted as soon as possible.


Richmond, Virginia

Trump’s Big Lie bound to fail; truth will win out

Those of us who are independent observers and thinkers know that Donald J. Trump himself is the incarnation of the “Big Lie.”

The greater tragedy is that Trump has infected millions of gullible, brainwashed followers with the same Big Lie. Some of them even believe the lie that Trump didn’t inspire the Jan. 6th attack against the democratic government of the United States of America. Some of them still believe the lie that Trump won the 2020 presidential election. How sad!

Who knows? Maybe a new assault against the U.S. is even now being planned by these same adherents to the Big Lie.

If so, it will fail. Truth always wins out over the lie. Truth is invulnerable. Truth is God.