Elizabeth City, you are failing your children.

If you want to know why our schools have mask mandates, it’s because left to our own devices, we will only accept inconvenience if it’s required.

Case in point is a recent recital at a local dance studio in Elizabeth City. A rite of celebration for our children to show off their talent and hard work, you can see it in the social media posts — big smiles, cheek to cheek, and everyone totally unmasked.

And then the social media posts went quiet for the next couple of weeks. Why? Because this local super-spreader event infected multiple families: the kids, parents, grandparents, uncles — vaccinated and unvaccinated — and even those who previously had contracted COVID-19. The number of COVID cases from this one event was staggering.

Whether it’s legal liability, fear or shame, no one is talking about it. They’ve kept it quiet so they can pretend this is normal and that statistics are just a number and not their family members and friends.

These kids look to adults for leadership and at their age they should be counting on those adults to keep them safe. Their parents, the dance room moms, and those who put on this unmasked event have let them down.


Elizabeth City

It’s not how hard you hit, it’s how hard you can get hit

While I can’t speak on behalf of “godless Democrats” — I’m not a Democrat, and I only reject false gods — I surely have enough Celtic and Norman French ancestry to qualify as an Anglo-Saxon; and as such, I’ll point out that life doesn’t owe one solitary thing to any of us for any reason; and furthermore, survival of the fittest is ultimately not a matter of how hard you can hit, but rather of how hard you can get hit.

I realize that these are difficult concepts for Trump liberals, evangelical heathens and whiney “Alpha men” to grasp; but after all, difficulty is the very stuff of sentient existence.


Elizabeth City