Many unused oil wells and mines are unplugged or uncapped and are causing much air pollution. The Biden administration has a plan to plug or cap, as needed, at a cost that will be paid by citizens in general.

I’m all for that, at present, but the mega-rich who profited from these industries are the ones who should pay all the costs. They should pay reparations to the public.

If the mega-rich do not pay, then we will have one more example of welfare for the wealthy — socialism for the rich. Those who are living on free lunches like to preach that there is no such thing.


Elizabeth City

Trump drives ‘vote for the candidate’ voter to Dems

The first time I voted for a president it was for Dwight D. Eisenhower, a Republican. My dad had a fit over my violation the rule of the Solid South — to always vote Democratic.

Since then, I have voted Republican anytime thee was a good candidate running for office.

President Trump has made such a god-awful mess of his party, however, that the only time I will ever vote Republican again is when “all hell freezes over.”


Elizabeth City

Only Republicans who stand up for GOP values RINOs

It’s ironic that any Republican who actually has the backbone to stand up for Republican values is likely to be branded a RINO (Republican in Name Only).

I guess the lesson here is that failure to mindlessly, fearfully support an autocratic self-server can earn you an unflattering acronym.


Elizabeth City