The article in Sunday’s Daily Advance about the city of Minneapolis’ move to dismantle its police department gave us a new perspective on just how bad it’s gotten in America. Just when we thought things couldn’t sink any lower the Minneapolis City Council found a new depth of depravity to match their idiocy.

When they’ve finally abolished one of the country’s premier police departments who’s going to hold them accountable for the chaos that’s certain to follow? When 800 crazy mad sworn officers and 300 civilian personnel aren’t there to protect the citizens, what then?

Minneapolis deserves what it’s reaping at this very moment but it ain’t seen nothing yet. Just wait until the city starts paying through the nose for all the attendant cost of its folly— like disposing of police property like buildings and sites, equipment, police cars, ambulances, personnel equipment, etc. Factor in the cost of each officer’s personal equipment such as uniforms, badges, guns, ammunition, tasers, Mace and handcuffs, just to mention a few.

And who’s going to be responsible for anarchists burning down the existing four police precincts and rubbish removal when they take complete control?

The governor and Minneapolis’ power structure won’t be laughing when they’re socked with lawsuits to buy out the officers’ pension plans, insurance, unused vacation time and severance pay which will be almost a lifetime for the 1,100 police officers and civilian personnel.

At the moment Minneapolis officials are reveling in glory and adulation but reality hits home when the real cost of this madness takes effect. How do you measure the loss of tax-revenue producing industry and businesses? Tourism and government contracts that’ll dry up? Nobody will feel safe in a radical state like Minnesota.

And you still haven’t seen the worst of it. Just wait until the police officers initiate a class-action lawsuit. The city’s elected leaders will be on the street without enough to buy a can of beans!

And they shouldn’t count on the “fired” officers coming to their funeral or delivering condolences to their survivors, because it’s not going to happen. And if any plague like the virus or looting and burning comes to Minnesota I hope it’s the Minneapolis power structure that is affected, not decent citizens.