On Sept. 17th, the North Carolina Supreme Court ruled that North Carolina’s voter ID law was unconstitutional. Why? The court said it was “racially biased” and that it “discriminates against black voters.” How? They didn’t say.

That decision was political. The voters of North Carolina voted for voter ID. Therefore, the Legislature designed a law. But the judges decided they didn’t like the outcome so they overruled the voters and the Legislature and voted to strike down the law.

All judges are supposed to rule based on the law, not decide what the law should be based on their political or personal views. Now that should be unconstitutional.

Why do Democrats think voter ID laws are racist? There is never a good answer to this question. Every American has an opportunity to get an ID. You need an ID to get a job, to open a bank account, to buy or rent a house, and to get welfare. You must prove who you are.

Voting is an essential part of being an American. We the people should take voting seriously by obtaining an ID and researching the issues of the day.

My vote is very important to me. I want my vote to count. Every illegal vote diminishes my vote and that’s unacceptable. It is vital to have corruption-free elections to maintain our liberty, our individualism and protect our republic.


Elizabeth City

Editor’s note: Two of the three judges on the panel of Superior Court judges who decided Sept. 17 to strike down North Carolina’s latest photo voter ID law, said they did so because the law “was motivated at least in part by an unconstitutional intent to target African American voters.” According to The Associated Press, the plaintiffs who filed the lawsuit that led to the judges’ Sept. 17 ruling cited an analysis from a University of Michigan professor who said Black voters are 39% more likely to lack a qualifying photo ID than white registered voters.