I attended a community meeting regarding a property owner wishing to establish a commercial mining operation in my residential neighborhood. The mine would be 750 feet from our residence.

Please know that I do believe that property owners do have rights. I also believe that when those plans could impact neighbors, voices and concerns should be heard.

I am against any commercial mining activity when it can impact those homeowners on Pinewood Acres Drive and North Spot Road. We are families who are retired, families with young children, families who enjoy the peace and tranquility as well as the safety that Currituck County provides.

We have many concerns about commercial mining operations within our neighborhoods. Quality of life, quality and quantity of water for our private wells, and property valuations when a commercial mine is right next door are just the beginning of my long list of concerns.

It was with research and forethought that we chose our retirement property in Currituck County. We wanted a quiet neighborhood with access to all the fun activities our coastal region provides. Do the rights of one property owner supersede the detrimental impact on many property owners in close proximity?

I am hoping the Board of Commissioners who were present at this meeting were listening to our heartfelt pleas to stop the Gallop commercial mine operation proposed for Spot Road.

I would much rather hear whippoorwills, bullfrogs, locusts, and squirrels chattering than a commercial well operation.


Powells Point