Recent articles and letters have gotten my attention. I grew up in Elizabeth City and have lived in Pasquotank County my entire life. After marrying in 1971 we moved to the county where we were on city electricity but were not in the city limits.

For more than 20 years we paid for power supplied by the city and some of their profits were used to fund various projects. I always felt like this was taxation without representation. Later we moved further out to Nixonton.

When I read how our governor was halting utility cutoffs for persons past due on their bills, I told my wife this was going to be a major problem for the city. Some people who could pay their bill would just stop paying. I had no idea the problem would surface so quickly. How ironic would it be if Elizabeth City had its power cut off if it couldn’t pay its bill?

The second article was regarding the pay raises for City Council members and the mayor and the state Attorney General Office’s possible rejection of the city’s request for relief.

In my opinion public servants should never be able to vote themselves a raise. If the job requires too much of your time and you think the pay is too low you should resign. If the pay is too low and you want to increase it for the next servants fine.

To vote yourself a raise after accepting the job at a certain salary and during this time of COVID-19 and the current power problems seems like greed to me.


Elizabeth City

Maybe ‘greatest economy ever’ wasn’t so great

It‘s been said — for he himself has told us — that President Donald Trump has created the most powerful, solid and wonderful economy in the history of Planet Earth.

How, then, could it have come crashing down almost overnight by an invisible little bug? It’s still in ruins some months later. How could this have happened?

Perhaps “the great economy” wasn’t so great after all. Perhaps it was a sham, a hoax, a fake — something built up out of the empty boastings of its “creator.”

Speaking of the “little bug,” COVID-19 may or may not have traveled to America from China, but it didn‘t originate there. I refer you to a little book by the 20th century astronomer, Sir Fred Hoyle, “The Intelligent Universe.” Its conclusions will startle you.