After reading your story, “Steinburg, NC leaders meet with president,” in the July 24-25 edition, my previous impression of state Sen. Bob Steinburg has been confirmed: He’s just another Trump groupie.

As described in the article, Steinburg, R-Chowan, sounded like a teenage girl finally meeting her pop idol. So he was “in awe” and “thrilled”? If “the man” (known as Donald Trump to those of us less dazzled) asked Steinburg to jump, I’m sure his only thought would be, “how high!”

I’d also suggest to the senator that the next time he is in the presence of the holy one for a photo shoot, he should blink a time or two and remember to put his jacket back on (Jim Jordan, he’s not). It’s a photograph. With the president. In the Oval Office. He might want to hang that picture on his office wall someday. It might even show up on the front page of his local newspaper.