Nobody’s more thankful for state Sen. Bob Steinburg’s strong stance on clean energy usage than me. His recent extolling of the benefits of renewable energy mirrors my earlier comments on the subject.

For awhile it appeared I’d need to acquire a taste for crow by advocating for the Amazon Wind Farm that runs past the Walmart shopping center. But now it seems the tide has turned on how people approach the subject of renewable energy. It comes without the added cost of a tax increase — and people see the prospect of a new source of funds to build the toys locals have been dreaming of.

I’m always flummoxed by the new arrivals to the Elizabeth City area whining about how there’s nothing to do here. So they start flooding city council and county commissioner meetings with requests for the bells and whistles they had in the high-tax areas of the Northeast from whence they fled to avoid crushing taxes and a high cost of living. It’s as though they think those things are free down here and it won’t cost them a thing. But everything comes at a cost to someone or something. In this case it’s the wind farm.

So, cheer up, dear hearts. Just look at those big beautiful windmills that are pumping out the tax-free money to build those bike trails, dog walks, skateboard parks, free public toilets and bath houses for the wealthy boating community, and just about anything else you can dream of.

Now, if only those who told me that the weight of the wind farm turbines would “press the groundwater out,” leaving the farmers high and dry would come over to the right side of the argument, then I’ll start feeling vindicated. I’ll also note that one official made the keen observation of Sen. Steinburg that “he’s not one of us.” I give that official credit for realizing that Mr. Steinburg stood out from the crowd because he has a brain.



Why are others besides seniors getting vaccine?

My wife and I are seniors (we’re both over 80 years old) and we found out today that the COVID vaccine is being given to everyone instead of health officials following the national and state guidelines for vaccination priority.

Our friends had to wait for hours because health department officials were giving the vaccines to everyone who wanted one.

This is disgraceful and should be publicized by your newspaper. We are desperate to get a vaccine.



Editor’s note: Officials with Albemarle Regional Health Services say the target group for the current round of COVID vaccinations includes health care workers and persons ages 75 and older. It appeared at a clinic in Elizabeth City on Wednesday that no one seeking a vaccination, except those 16 and younger, were turned away.