Hoarders are so self-centered and fear-driven that they have no compassion for others. They buy in excess, leaving store shelves empty. They care not for the small shopper who comes in to shop for their needs, not their excessive wants.

Hoarders are also ill-mannered, and show no compassion for others. They purchase excess amounts of water, bread, laundry supplies, toilet paper and more. These hoarders buy in fear, while we who have faith in God have no need to hoard, for we know he will provide.

Walmart has supported and enabled these hoarders to act in excess. They do not set limits on what can be purchased, and they don’t care if the small shopper's needs are met. All they want is the money.

Walmart cares only for the big shopper and only wants the money they bring in. It is greedy and self-seeking. I despise shopping at Walmart, but I must.

As for the hoarders, I hate what they are doing.

Anita J. Green

Elizabeth City