What a convoluted mess this has become. Thanks, President Joe Biden.

I'm a parts driver, and I love my job and the people that I have the opportunity to work with. I want to work. I need to work. However, when supply cannot keep up with demand, it becomes much less of a lucrative situation.

And for those of us who want and need to work, I just have to say that the health care system around here is sub-par, to say the least. Every single medical procedure I have had done lately has resulted in more problems than solutions.

My second job is doing the jobs of others. I had to make eight phone calls to get an appointment for a colonoscopy. And I also have to get a COVID-19 test three days before the procedure.

I need a driver for the procedure. It is not fair to call someone and say, "Hey I know it's short notice but can you be my driver that day and place your life on hold for however long it takes?"

Yes, I understand that I have other options, and that everything is backed up because of the COVID-19 restrictions. But somehow we need to turn this around.


Elizabeth City