Mr. Andrew Brown Jr.’s death was a tragedy. District Attorney Andrew Womble gave a televised statement in which gave the whole truth about Mr. Brown’s death. There was an arrest warrant issued for Mr. Brown for dealing drugs in Dare County. When this arrest warrant was trying to be served, Mr. Brown resisted arrest, forcing deputies to use deadly force.

The responsibility for Mr. Brown’s death lies only with Mr. Brown himself. Mr. Brown was a drug-dealing criminal. Had Mr. Brown not chosen to be a criminal and had he not chosen to resist arrest then surely he would be alive today.

The city of Elizabeth City has treated Mr. Brown as if he were some type of celebrity. Had Mr. Brown been killed by some other drug dealer, there would be no family lawyers, no Keith Rivers and NAACP protesters, and no Al Sharpton coming to preach at his funeral.

These protests have cost the city and county over a half-million dollars. That would have been more than enough money for a homeless shelter that some on City Council have been wanting.

If the city goes through with having a holiday and memorial in the name of a convicted criminal, Mr. Brown, then that will be a big slap in the face of all the law-abiding citizens of Elizabeth City and Pasquotank County.

Mayor Bettie Parker and City Council could put a stop to the protests now if they wished to. But they won’t go against Rivers and the NAACP.

Now they are are allowing a street to be painted with the phrase “Black Lives Matter.” This is pure racism when you choose only one color of people to be valued. The phrase should read “All Lives Matter.” Black, white, Hispanic, Asian, ect. — all lives matter.

People say something like this will bring more harmony to our community, but it has not. When a city treats a convicted criminal like they have Andrew Brown Jr., and then wants to blame his death on everyone else but Mr. Brown, then it causes division between the races.


Elizabeth City