How many major cities in the United States which are or have been under Democratic Party control over the past 50 years have been successfully managed?

Look this up and you’ll be amazed. Our cities have been mismanaged while our nation is, and has been, the world’s greatest business and most powerful force ever known.

And who has been the most dominating, driving force in our history?

Yep. President Donald Trump. He brought the most promising, stable government to our nation in history. Do your homework. Our president is not a politician, but a great manager. Unlike our former president, he is not one to “draw a line in the sand” and then turn his back on what he did as if it never happened.

As for the other nations on this planet that our forces and sacrifices have saved and protected, they should be forever grateful. French President Charles de Gaulle once said to then-Secretary of State Dean Rusk: “I want all Americans out of France now.” To that Rusk replied, “Mr. President, does that include our buried soldiers here as well?”

We should build the wall along our southern border and get it over with. No nation in our world would tolerate invaders coming across their borders as the Democrats have advocated.

Frank Habit