I am like most Americans, at least according to the polls, outraged and horrified that President Donald Trump pulled our troops out of Syria because his “good friend” Erdogan asked him to.

Then, of course, his “big brain” with its “great and unmatched wisdom” was shocked when Erdogan immediately attacked the Kurds at the border, killed thousands of men, women and children, and let loose from jail more than a thousand Islamic terrorists, to the benefit and approval of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

And now Putin and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have cemented an agreement to “remove” the Kurdish fighters from Syria, and Erdogan has demanded the U.S. release to him the Kurdish commander, Mazloum Abdi, who is under our protection. This is a travesty.

For the 33 months he has been in office, Trump has consistently demonstrated callous disrespect toward our allies and other leaders, removed the U.S. from hard-won treaties and agreements made with our allies and our enemies to keep the world safe, shoved other leaders aside, and disgraced this country with his vulgar words and behavior. His deplorable actions in Syria have finally awakened some in the U.S. Senate to the necessity of standing up to Trump, to tell him he is not a king, and that he must respect our laws and act in accordance with the Constitution of the United States.

It remains to be seen who among the rest will stop licking Trump’s boots. Are we not tired of smooching Putin’s derriere? Or Kim Jong-un’s? and now Erdogan’s? and Assad’s? Are we not outraged by Trump’s illegal approaches to and blackmailing of other countries to get their commitments to assist him in re-election? Are we not incensed that he has set up a shadow foreign diplomacy with a demented former mayor?

Trump likes to call himself a great negotiator, but he has been played a fool by nearly everyone on the world stage, to the great detriment of this country. He rebuffs our allies and toadies to our enemies. He makes me embarrassed to say I’m an American.

Martha Johnson

Elizabeth City