I think the government should have a program that reimburses businesses and people who consistently help the homeless.

Fitness centers, for example, could let the homeless use their shower facilities so many days a week. Also, laundromats could let the homeless wash their clothes for free. And, any citizen could take in a homeless person for a short refuge. These businesses and citizens could then be reimbursed by our government.

The homeless also should be able to use public transportation like buses for free. That would make their load a little lighter. And if they need a doctor or hospital care, there are enough individuals who could volunteer their time and effort to help make the lives of our forgotten people a little better. Any person found to have a mental health issue should receive free mental health care.

Our government can afford this. It gives so much money to other countries. It’s just mind-boggling.

We need to stand up for our own people. So let’s all do our part in the day-to-day struggle against poverty and homelessness. Like we do with diseases, we have to do our best to conquer it. Polio was wiped out, wasn’t it? We need to wipe this out, too.

Our people need jobs so they can feel important again. Everyone needs to have their own American dream.


Elizabeth City