Which is it? Ignorance? Selective seeing and hearing? Ambivalence? Nonintellectual curiosity or just parroting what CNN and the corporate media tell them? As is always the case with Democrats who write to The Daily Advance, they never cite examples for their accusations.

Case in point: the void of facts letter on Oct. 7 stating that Donald Trump was trying to “dismantle our democracy.” Exactly how? The writer never said because as usual, he just stated that Trump was a liar.

Did this writer, like many others, miss out on the countless lies from Joe Biden and his press secretary, Jen Psaki? I’ve listed many in previous letters, so I won’t do so again, but they are literally almost every day. And they are far more substantive than any perceived lie by Trump.

If you truly want to see what this country would like if it were run exclusively by Democrats, just look at the crime-ridden, mask-mandating, high-tax and drug-infested cities of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

In contrast, how are Texas and Florida doing? Quite nicely based upon their populations booming from people leaving “blue states” in droves.

Remember folks, don’t believe what you see or hear, believe what the media and Democrats tell you. Keep your heads in the sand and just sing “Kumbaya” as the country goes into a hellhole.

The fact is that liberals can never compete in the arena of ideas. Once they are exposed as the socialist hypocrites that they are, they lose elections in droves. As the great Ronald Reagan famously stated, “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

What is it about Trump that has letter-writers and local columnists still writing about him 10 months later? God help them.