I read with mounting concern the article in The Daily Advance addressing City Council members making $4,000 more a year than Pasquotank commissioners if the $250-a-month raises council proposed for themselves go through.

What is next? Shall the citizens who pay the taxes that supply those raises anticipate county commissioners to follow suit and appropriate themselves a 73-percent raise, and then, in a spirit of compromise and magnanimity, settle for a 35-percent raise like City Council has done?

What about next year when Councilmen Darius Horton, Gabriel Adkins, Johnnie Walton and Michael Brooks and Mayor Bettie Parker vote themselves that remaining 35-percent balance, to which they feel they were entitled, raise-wise, this year?

If that's too much of a stretch, recall that Councilor Horton, a strong proponent of these raises, claims there's more to the job than just attending meetings; he has to take all these calls from his constituents as well. "It's a lifestyle," he told The Daily Advance in its June 17th edition. He supports raises, feels councilors are underpaid, and says he plans to advocate for them.

But who receives even a 10-percent raise these days? A 1-percent or 3-percent raise — or no raise at all — is more likely. On top of that, who gives himself a raise?

Let's stop the insanity. Why can't the proposed budget be eliminated? Why can't another budget be formulated — one that is more equitable and in keeping with the realities the rest of us are facing? And for Pete's sake, one that includes a dog park!


Elizabeth City

Editor's note: Since this letter was received, Elizabeth City City Council agreed by a 5-4 vote, with Mayor Bettie Parker breaking the tie, to approve next year's city budget that includes the $250-a-month raises.