How would we love to turn back our town clock and go straight to the year 1880? That was an era of elegance, fine wines, and beautiful ball gowns that looked so heavenly, they were to die for. Also, the horse-drawn carriages were so magical.

People had so much more leisure time then. They even had time to talk to each other and spend time together.

Families were closer then. There were no cars and no smog. There might have been a lot of frogs after a torrential rain, but who knows?

People had much more substance, more heart during this time period. Men and women wore hats to church and manners were consistent. There was no cross-dressing to worry about. Men from this period would wear very distinguished beards.

People would ride bicycles to the park and have a picnic lunch. Sorry, folks. No McDonald’s here.

Children played outside, fished, climbed trees, and maybe got into a little bit of mischief. All kids want to do nowadays is stay on their computer and cellphone.

And when people fell in love, the whole town fell in love with them as if they were in Paris.

Back in those days, time would seem to stand still and people felt as if the day would never end. The leaves on the trees looked as though they were looking back at you. And laughter was everywhere.

It was an age of dreams and transformation. The world was changing. Like an enormous ice cream, it was a wonderful delight. It could fill your senses and you’d never forget it.

Nowadays, time seems to go too fast. People don’t even have time to think. We all need to take time to be respectful of each other.


Elizabeth City