Remember when Barack Obama took over the presidency from George Bush and a difficult issue would pop up he would always blame his predecessor for it? It went on for most of Obama’s first term, leading some to ask the inevitable question about Bush after he was gone: “Do you miss me yet?” It appears the Harris/Biden presidency is headed in the same direction, doesn’t it?

Not surprising the Democrats were all over it soon as police had a suspect in the Nashville bombing, whom they said looked just like the typical Trump supporter. They said he looked dangerous. Democrats know dangerous people when they see them. They’ve got two of the most dangerous people on earth headed for the White House any day now.

I have grandchildren residing in Nashville and it doesn’t bother me the least about the bombing. You make your choices in life and you live with them. Nothing really gobsmacks me anymore so it didn’t shake me to hear of the bombing. America is getting its payback for its sins.

Americans should do some research on the U.S. Civil War and how we got there. Many chilling comparisons to our time are too scary to ignore. President Lincoln was up to his eyeballs in a civil war within days of taking office.