Who will it be? City councilors? The mayor? Who?

City Manager Montre Freeman has been fired. The acting city manager, who is also the city’s public safety director, is also the chief of police and will be soon leaving us.

So who will be in charge? Who will lead the city? Who will fill the void?

There is a lot to managing a city. We do have the City Council, but all its members seem to do is argue amongst themselves — at least whenever there are enough of them present to have a quorum for a meeting.

Then there is the mayor, but a council member just recently, in so many words, said the mayor is incompetent.

The only one of the three I mentioned that leaves is Chief Buffaloe. However, Gov. Roy Cooper has just snatched him away from us for a important position in our state government. Evidently the governor saw something he liked, so it’s his gain and unfortunately our loss.

The unanswered question remains who will be in charge of city government?

Are we like a ship in a vast ocean sailing without a rudder? Or, to put it more poetically, are we in a lot of doo-doo?


Elizabeth City

Editor’s note: Since this letter was received, Elizabeth City City Council voted 4-3 on Monday to hire Ralph Clark, a former city manager in Elizabeth City, to serve as interim manager while the council searches for a permanent manager.