My son, Scott Porter, passed away July 11, 2020. He was a friendly sort of guy, and he knew most people in Elizabeth City.

Someone gave him a drug that killed him instantly.

He was born with attention deficit disorder, speech problems and developmental disabilities. He had a lot of challenges and issues. He was 38 years old when he passed away.

The drugs and drug trafficking are out of hand here. We need a federal or FBI task force to tackle the problem. A lot of lives have been lost because of this drug overdose problem. And the police are not much help either.

You would think the people in our mobile home park would have looked out for my son because of his disabilities. Where were these people the night he died? They sure didn’t save him.

I am going to miss my son every day. I had someone to talk to and someone to go shopping with. He was a lot of company.

Scott loved life. He would never hurt anyone. He was a funny dude. He will truly be missed by his family and friends.

I hope that these police in Elizabeth City never lose a loved one. Then maybe they’ll stop laughing. It’s no joke.

I implore our citizens to try and stop these drug people by writing down license numbers of cars that look suspicious. That would be a start. We need to try and look out for others — so they won’t be forgotten.


Elizabeth City