Those who read my letters know I’m forever drawing parallels between Old Testament characters and current events. Here’s the latest one:

Nancy Pelosi doggedly held on to the House speaker’s position for one reason: She knew she would automatically become president if she could unseat Donald Trump.

That means her party would be the first to have a black president followed by a woman. That’s heady stuff, right? That’s why she keeps emphasizing the fact that impeachment is forever. But I’d like to add, so is hell!

Here’s some Old Testament trivia about a power-mad woman named Zeresh, Pelosi’s counterpart in the Bible. You can read about her in the book of Esther. Zeresh advised her husband, Haman, to plot against the Jewish captives to totally destroy them from the earth. But their plan backfired horribly.

Christians and conservatives know Queen Esther was a foreigner: a Jewish captive and wife of King Xerxes. Her cousin, Mordecai, was her chief adviser who counter-plotted against the evil Haman.

Haman had erected a gallows on which to hang good Mordecai, but God, working behind the scenes, stepped in and turned the plot around. It was instead Haman who was hanged on his own gallows!

Here’s the connection: Nancy Pelosi is Zeresh and the impeachers are Haman. For the sake of comparison, Donald Trump is Xerxes and his foreign wife is Melania. Xerxes stepped up and saved the Jewish nation and became its greatest benefactor. In our modern setting, people like the Trumps are in the right place at the right time.

Score: Trump 2; women 0.

Calvin Lacy