Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told us recently that her tearing up of President Trump’s State of the Union speech was a courteous thing to do, a dignified act, because the speech was a manifest of untruths, not a State of the Union speech. It instead was a “state of the mind of Trump” and a shameful compilation of falsehoods.

I’m so glad Mrs. Pelosi didn’t have a box of matches anywhere near her in the House chamber that night.

On another matter, our dear leader, Donald Trump, brags incessantly about the massive tax cut he gave the American people. But the only ones who benefit from it are the rich of the richest and big corporations.

On the day the Republican Congress passed the massive tax cut bill, Trump walked into his Mar-a-lago mansion and announced to all his billionaire friends standing around, “I made you all a whole lot richer today.”

I must say I benefit from the massive tax cut a little bit by having to pay $16 less a year to the federal government. I use the extra dollars to treat my family to an extra large pizza on April 15th. One is always thankful for small favors.

Ann Bechiom

Elizabeth City