The Pasquotank Board of Commissioners approved an amendment to the county’s subdivision ordinance last week that reflects recent changes to state law and federal postal regulations.

The amendment establishes procedures for “minor subdivisions,” modifies family subdivision standards, revises street guarantee requirements, and requires cluster mailboxes.

The amendment was recommended for approval by both the county planning staff and planning board.

A minor subdivision as defined in the amendment is a subdivision of no more than three lots on a tract or parcel of at least 5 acres. All lots must meet minimum lot size requirements for the zoning classification where the subdivision is located, the uses of the lots must conform with the requirements of the zoning classification, and there must be a permanent means of ingress and egress.

The amendment authorizes the subdivision administrator, rather than the board of commissioners, to consider and decide whether to approve family subdivision plats.

The section of the subdivision ordinance previously designated “improvement guarantees” is now known as “performance guarantees” and requires a performance guarantee for paving, shoulder and ditch grading, and seeding. The amount must “equal to 125 percent of the estimated cost of (the work’s) completion at the time the performance guarantee is issued.”

The requirements state “it shall be the responsibility of the subdivider to maintain all street and street rights-of-way improvements until the publicly dedicated roads are accepted for maintenance by N.C. Department of Transportation.

Cluster mailboxes are required as specified by new postal regulations.

“New residential subdivisions shall include cluster mailbox units in accordance with U.S. Postal Service guidelines,” the amendment states.