Beyond the Books:

Michele Lawrence, Perquimans Librarian

I’m going to die August 12, 2044. At least, that’s what predicts.

However, if my outlook on life turns pessimistic, my life span is predicted to be a great deal shorter.

In that case, my predicted date of death is June 20 of this year. Wow…is optimism that important to a person’s health and longetivity?

According to a 2008 Harvard Health Publishing article (“Optimism and Your Health”) this is true! In one study, pessimistic cardiac patients were three times more likely to suffer heart attacks or need cardiac surgeries than those who look at the sunny side of life.

Optimistic folks are also less likely to suffer from hypertension or to develop viral respiratory symptoms.

If you tend to look at your glass as half-empty, here are some ways to change your outlook. Focus on your successes and the positive things in your life. Maybe even keep a gratitude diary so you can review it on those difficult days.

When a problem pops up, focus on finding a solution and not on the problem itself. And since pessimists tend to make dismal predictions of the future, stay away from

New Books

Fiction: Turn a Blind Eye – Jeffrey Archer

The Final Twist – Jeffrey Deaver

Large Print: The Newcomer – Mary Kay Andrews

The Final Twist – Jeffrey Deaver

The Lady Has a Past — Amanda Quick

Miss Julia Happily Ever After – Ann B. Ross

Nonfiction: Ida B. the Queen – Michelle Duster

Audiobook: The Bounty – Janet Evanovich

The Other Emily – Dean Koontz

Run for Cover – Michael Ledwidge


What Ollie Saw – Joukje Akveld

Not Yeti – Kelly DiPucchio

Dog Squad – Chris Grabenstein

Sulwe – Lupita Nyong

Stamped (For Kids) – Jason Reynolds

I’m On It – Andrea Tsurumi

The Day You Begin – Jacqueline Woodson

Michele Lawrence, Perquimans County librarian.