Perquimans officials have no immediate plans to build a new government center.

That’s according to County Manager Frank Heath, who was responding to a citizen’s comments at a commissioners’ meeting earlier this month.

During the public comment period at the Oct. 4 meeting, resident Pete Perry asked county officials to keep county government offices in Hertford’s downtown district.

Perry said he recognizes a need for an updated public center. He said there seem to be two options: an upgraded public safety building or a more elaborate “governmental complex.”

Perry suggested that a non-binding referendum be held in conjunction with the next county election to gauge the level of public support for either project.

Perry said he has heard the county might try to buy a piece of land to build a new government complex. But he said any new structure should be erected on property the county already owns.

Perry closed his remarks by saying that if county government officers were moved out of downtown Hertford it would be the nail in the coffin for the town.

Heath said there are no immediate plans for a new building.

“We have no immediate plans for a Public Safety building in Perquimans County,” Heath said when asked about the project by the Perquimans Weekly. “It has been discussed by the Board in previous retreats, but only in terms of being a project for the future, possible 10 years out.”