An aerial spraying business in Hertford has agreed to pay a $3,000 fine for two violations of pesticide rules.

The N.C. Pesticide Board recently approved settlement agreements with nine individuals, according to Tuesday’s press release.

Bryson J. Cooper, owner of Craft Air Services in Hertford, agreed to pay the fine for instances of drift in Bertie and Currituck counties, according to Pat Jones, a spokesman with the N.C. Pesticide Board. Both incidents happened in the summer of 2014, Jones said.

N.C. law states no person should apply pesticides under such conditions that drift from pesticide particles or vapors results in adverse effects.

The incident in Shawboro involved a product known as Quilt Xcel, a fungicide used on corn. The incident happened within 25 feet of a road and 100 feet from a residence.

The incident in Merry Hill in Bertie County exposed N.C. Department of Transportation workers with the chemical Dipel ES, a biological insecticide. The plane was spraying a tobacco field at the time.

Among the other penalties Tony Godwin of Whiteville agreed to pay $600 for damages to a cotton field caused by drift from a pesticide application to a pasture adjacent to the field.

Samuel C. Boney Jr. of Wallace agreed to pay $600 for damage to grapevines caused by drift from a pesticide application to a soybean field adjacent to the vineyard.

William Allen, pesticide applicator and responsible licensee for Jack Allen Farms of Winterville, agreed to pay $600 for damage to trees on a neighboring property caused by drift from a pesticide application to cotton fields.