Hertford Town Manager Pam Hurdle clarified a recent story that appeared in the Daily Advance about Elizabeth City’s interest in maintaining the town’s electric system.

Thursday, City Electric Superintendent Bob Vannoy told Elizabeth City Council Thursday that the Town of Hertford wants to continue having the city handle the maintenance on the town’s electric system.

Hurdle explained there is an existing mutual aid agreement in place between the town and Elizabeth City. She said nothing has changed, it’s just that new management on both sides is reviewing the existing mutual aid agreement.

City Manager Montre Freeman told City Council that smaller municipalities with their own electric systems have struck similar deals, saving them money on personnel costs as well as the cost of buying new equipment like trucks.

“It is more cost effective for a smaller municipality to get into a contract with a larger municipality to provide on-demand service,” Freeman said.

The deal between Hertford and Elizabeth City would continue to have the city make needed repairs and maintenance to Hertford’s system. Hertford would continue to provide the equipment and supplies needed for maintenance, installation and repairs.

Hertford would continue to pay the City an hourly rate for the labor needed on any work that’s done.

“We are still negotiating and we need to sit down and draw it up and present it to council,” Vannoy said.

Hertford has around 900 electric customers while Elizabeth City has around 13,000.

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Daily Advance staff writer Paul Nielsen contributed to this report.