Perquimans BOE Seeks Budget Increase

Tanya Turner

The Perquimans County Board of Education met Monday in a joint meeting with the Perquimans County Board of Commissioners to share the budget request for capital outlay and current expense needs for the 2021-2022 school year.

The local current expense request totals $3,103,236 – an increase of $203,236 from the 2020-2021 allocation of $2,900,000. There was no increase in the request for capital outlay funds which totaled $475,000.

Superintendent Tanya Turner said the local current expense budget includes funding for additional transportation costs for rerouting school buses due to the closure of the S-shaped Bridge ($61,000) and state mandated salary and benefit increases ($142,236). The Board of Commissioners were also apprised of the possibility of increases in payments to charter schools for student enrollment. Additional local funding ($200,055) may be needed to lessen the impact of funds reduced from the school system’s budget that must be paid to charter schools for enrollment.

Capital Outlay projects proposed for funding for the 2021-2022 school year include paving projects at all four schools; renovating the science lab, replacing exit doors and adding a camera system to Perquimans Middle School; replacing broken kitchen equipment at all four schools; providing a furniture replacement allotment to all four schools; repair and repaint epoxy floor in the kitchen at Perquimans Central School; replacing the chill water line insulation at Hertford Grammar School; replacing the kitchen ceiling at Perquimans County High School, and replacing a lawn mower.

Additional capital outlay projects, not funded through the county, will hopefully be completed using COVID funding that includes HVAC upgrades, carpet removal, window replacement, roof repairs, and asbestos abatement.

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