Keith Elliott, Kristen Wilson, Emma Nixon, Emma Swinney and Chenoa Stalnaker participate in a drum workshop at Perquimans County Middle School.

The Perquimans Arts League recently sponsored “The Healing Force” for Perquimans County Middle School students. The Healing Force is a family of singers, storytellers and musicians that offer students a cultural experience through rhythm and hands-on experiences.

Students participated in a two-day event that included small group workshops and a school wide performance. Students received hands on lessons with the popular West African Djembe and Dunun drums. Students were also invited to use what they learned in the workshop to perform alongside the Healing Force during the schoolwide performance. The Healing Force family presents programs intended to inspire positive behavior, offer creative opportunities and enhance the educational experiences of its listeners.

“We are truly thankful to the Perquimans Arts League for providing this amazing culturally rich hands on experience for our middle school students,” said Teresa Beardsley, spokeswoman for the school system. “Partnerships like the one that our school system has with the Perquimans Arts League, allow our students opportunities that they may not receive otherwise.”