Out Here in Left Field with Thadd White

If you walk in my Windsor office, you’ll likely notice a wrestling championship proudly displayed across from my desk. It says WCW World Television Champion.

Milot's Musings with Claude Milot

The shameful exit from Afghanistan, the crisis at the southern border and mind-blowing multi-trillion-dollar spending plans have grabbed the headlines of late, but other Biden blunders are already hitting us closer to home. Take the results of the president’s wrong-headed energy policies, fo…

I recently saw that Twiggy, the model and fashion icon of the 1960’s, celebrated her 72nd birthday. It is just another reminder of how quickly time passes. Her real name is Leslie Hornby, if you care to test your friends with a bit of trivia.

Out Here in Left Field with Thadd White Jr.

I’m a fan of a variety of different college and professional teams. They range from the Chelsea Blues of the English Premier League to the Crimson of the University of Alabama.

Small Town Girl with Leslie Beachboard

As a child, some of my fondest memories took place at my grandmother’s’ house. Lula Evans, my father’s mother, lived in the only house on the Powell and Stokes Road.

Milot's Musings with Claude Milot

There is no more disturbing consequence of the Covid pandemic than the emergence of petty tyrants who have used their authority to impose unreasonable restrictions on the people they govern.

I passed by a cotton field recently and noticed that it was beginning to turn white. It brought back memories of my days when cotton was “King” in the south. This was prior to the era of mechanization and, though highly profitable, was very labor intensive.

Picture That with Andre' Alfred

Time out, those two words have probably been heard or said by many. Though the context in which it is used may vary, the definition in itself remains the same.

Milot's Musing with Claude Milot

Back in January, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced articles of impeachment against President Biden for his shady dealings with his son, Hunter. She followed up with two more articles in August relating to Afghanistan and the eviction moratorium. But no one paid much attention to the fla…

The Germans have always loved to give high falutin’ titles to various levels of expertise in craftsmanship. They coined the word “Gartenmeister” for the top proficiency level in the skill of gardening.